Video Clip #5: iPad in Literacy: Using iPad in the classroom

10 Jan


Video Clip #4. Echo reading with iPads

10 Jan

Video Clip #3. iPad for challenge based learning

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Useful Site #5. iPad iPad as a tool for those with learning disabilities

15 Nov

iPad iPad as a tool for those with learning disabilities

Some people discussed on using an iPad as a tool for students with disabilities in the iPad Forum.Net. They pointed out some important points: 1) it can be used as an organizational and learning tool for students with LD, 2) in comparison to the PDAs and smart phone such as iPhone, iPad has a wider screen and it also allows these students to have more natural touch more experience, and 3) it has a huge potential as a learning tool for students with LD, but there has been a lack of good quality applications. I totally agree with Robertt’s point. A lot of number of educational applications have released so far, but the majority of them have crappy  quality. I believe companies should develop good quality application based on research-based contents/theories. Moreover, we need to conduct research on effects of using iPad applications for teaching students with LD. There has been no research published on this topic yet so far.  Since iPads just have released in 2010, so I believe many researchers have been conducting research recently. I am expecting we can read several research articles on using iPads for teaching students with disabilities in a couple of years.

Video Clip #2: iPad for Learning Disabilities, Elevating our children’s potential!

15 Nov
Please watch this Youtube video clip that shows how the student with disabilities uses an iPad for learning.
It is an interesting video!

App Review #7: Story Builder

14 Nov

Story Builder application is designed to support children to improve their ability to create a story. It reads aloud some helpful questions to help children to develop their stories. They do not need to write their answers; they record stories in their own voice. They are asked to record their answers to several questions provided. Once they are done with recording, they can play a whole story they created. They can save and share it with others. They can chose different level of play (3 levels) and reinforcement status. It can be used as a supplementary tool for students with LD to practice organize their ideas and build their narrative stories. Its speech-synthesis and recording features will be helpful for them to write a story.


News #2: Is the iPad Good or Bad for Dyslexia Children?

11 Nov

Is the iPad Good or Bad for Dyslexia Children?

” We believe that using an iPad will, without a doubt, help dyslexic children to improve their literacy skills – providing – that they are encouraged to play an equal amount of literacy type games to the fun type games that we are sure the iPad has in store for us.

And, one of the great features of the iPad is the iBook application where you can buy books, read them and then put them away on your very own bookshelf – it looks really good and will hopeful encourage children to read more – well that is if the books aren’t to expensive to download.”

<Quoted From Dyslexia Brain re-Inventing Dyslexia>