App Review #4:

4 Nov

This is a free dictionary application. It delivers reference content from and Thesaurus. com. It includes approximately 2,000,000 words, definitions, antonyms and synonyms. Once you type your vocabulary in search engine, similar words will show up, so you can simply chose your vocabulary from them.You can even use its voice-to-text search. These functions are probably helpful for students who have limited vocabulary and spelling. After you type or speak your vocabulary, if you click the audio button, you can listen how to pronounce it. If you find  a difficult word within its definition or example sentences, if you click the word, it will bring you its definition page. Students with LD usually have struggling with vocabulary and spelling and this characteristic interrupt their reading. If students can use a dictionary, they can increase their vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension.


2 Responses to “App Review #4:”

  1. Jim November 6, 2011 at 4:48 pm # is a great app and a very useful Web site. On the Web, its sister site,, is also an invaluable resource.

    The feature that says the word to loud is not only good for kids with LD, but for anyone, including native English speakers who aren’t exactly sure how to pronounce a word!

    • mwo222 November 7, 2011 at 12:38 am #

      Yes. Jim. It is a good tool for all people including students with LD and ESL students. That is Universal Design for Learning. 🙂

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