App Review #3: Speak it!

4 Nov

It is a text to speech app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  You can type  or copy and paste reading passages from your e-mails, documents or websites into Speak it!. Then if you click “Speak It!” button, it will read your text with natural human voice including 4 different voices, American female/male voice and British female/male voice. If you want to use different voice except these 4 options, unfortunately, you need to purchase it ($0.99 per voice). It is also designed  with user-friendly interface. You can customize text font size, voice volume and speed as well. Moreover, you can even create audio file and send it to your e-mail. Previous research has demonstrated that more than 80% of students with LD have difficulties with reading (Baker, Fuchs, Gersten, & Williams, 2001). The text-to-speech program has been regarded as one of effective support tools on reading for students with LD. When they use this program support the students to increase both reading comprehension and fluency. Only one thing I do not like is there is no function you can upload your file into Speak it, it only allows you type text or copy and paste.


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